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Multifaceted non-religiosity / Uskonnottomuuden monet muodot 28-29.11.2019 Helsinki

Katso Lori Beamanin luennon “Whose Culture, Whose Heritage? Majoritarian Religion and New Diversities” ja Teemu Tairan kommenttipuheenvuoron tallenne

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Tunnelmia Tiedekulmasta. Kuvat: Laura Kokkonen.


28.11. Paneelikeskustelu: Uskonnottomuus Suomessa (suomeksi) (Think Lounge, Tiedekulma, Yliopistonkatu 4)

17.00-18.30 Keskustelemassa Kimmo Ketola, Kirkon tutkimuskeskus; Esa Ylikoski, Vapaa-ajattelijat ja Irma Peiponen, Humanistiliitto. Puheenjohtajana professori Titus Hjelm, Helsingin yliopisto.

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29.11. Public lecture (in English) (Think Lounge, Tiedekulma, Yliopistonkatu 4)

10.00-12.00 Lori Beaman, Professor, University of Ottawa: “Whose Culture, Whose Heritage? Majoritarian Religion and New Diversities” Response by Teemu Taira, University Lecturer, University of Helsinki

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Seminaarin abstrakti:

The seminar is arranged by the Argumenta Project “Religious Literacy in diverse society”, funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. / Seminaari on osa Uskontolukutaito moniarvoisessa yhteiskunnassa -hanketta ja sitä rahoittaa Suomen Kulttuurirahasto.
Since the beginning of the 1990’s, Finland has become an increasingly diverse society with a growing number of different religions, cultures, languages and ethnicities. At the same time, however, Finland has also become more secular, indicated in a growing indifference to religion and in declining numbers of church membership. Thus, with respect to religious diversity, it is important also to pay attention to non-religion and how it is discussed in public.

The papers in this seminar will deal with a variety of issues related to non-religion, topics such as the growing number of people who have no religious affiliation and who are indifferent to religiosity and in addition, partly in parallel with this development, the growing demand for non-religious rituals in order to mark different stages in the human lifecycle. From a theoretical perspective, this seminar will also look at secularity, atheism and irreligion in general. Questions about gender in respect of religiosity and non-religion will also be broached.

Beamanin luennon abstrakti:

The preservation of majoritarian religious symbols and practices in the public sphere is increasingly justified on the basis of ‘our culture and heritage’. Such a framing erases both past and new diversities, and excludes the social contributions of minority groups and Indigenous peoples. This talk examines specific examples of this phenomenon, drawing especially on legal cases to illustrate.
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